A July afternoon walk

In July, think January – the northern hemisphere equivalent- it can be quite cold, rainy, and breezy but it was a beautiful afternoon – around 50 F. The day started out foggy and then cloudy but ended nicely with a bit of sun. Yesterday, it rained all day which is more typical for a Patagonian winter day. ??????????



july nature walk 011                                                    Our lane lined with cedars and pines

july nature walk 037

Here are some of the male blossoms with lots of pollen and a cone




The trunk

july nature walk 012

Willow trees are very common here with all the water

july nature walk 035

They make a beautiful home for moss and lichens

july nature walk 019

We explored the yard of this old burned down house

july nature walk 021

The old foundation has become a miniature garden of moss

july nature walk 022

This beautiful unidentified small tree is full of gorgeous berries

Can anyone ID this shrub?

july nature walk 024


4 thoughts on “A July afternoon walk

    • Thanks, Dani, for your kind words.
      I know the murta bush. These berries seem more redish while the murta berry is darker and more maroon and hangs individually on longer stems and murta leaves are smaller. But thanks for the guess!

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