Austral Thrush

When I first saw this bird, I thought it was a robin. In winter, small flocks congregate in pastures and open areas searching for worms, snails (yeah!) and small insects. They also eat some seeds and small fruits and berries. This is the Magellanic thrush , in latin Turdus falcklandii and in Spanish Zorzal,  and is the southernmost living of the thrushes.  It lives in this area year round. They are closely related to blackbirds and the American robin.

They build nests out of grasses and twigs with a mud exterior and a soft lining probably of sheep wool since it is readily available in this area. The nests are usually on the ground in rocky crevices, dense foliage,  or other hidden places. They lay 2-3 blue eggs in the spring which in this hemisphere is September thru December.  The eggs hatch in 2 weeks and the young fledge in another 3 weeks.


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