El Nino in Chile

So what is El Nino?

El Nino is when the waters of the Pacific Ocean warm up (La Nina is when the waters cool down) and the trade winds bring this swell of warm water towards the west coast of South America.

This brings heavier rain than usual to Peru and Chile. The winds most of this winter have been from the north bringing warmer wetter air down from the equator. The weather all winter has appeared warmer than last year meaning less snow on the mountains. Though May & June were wetter than usual, August hasn’t seemed quite so rainy and has had many mild and sunny days.

This is a washed out road due to the very heavy rains we have been receiving since May. Lots of flooding and some minor landslides and washed out roads. Lots of pastures with ponds in the middle of them.



This is a landslide that occurred behind a hotel in Frutillar Bajo causing some damage to the buildings. The fence across the top is post landslide.


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