Southern Lapwing

I was walking through a field to go look at the baby lambs when I stumbled across this beautiful nest. It is very well camouflaged as it doesn’t look much like a nest at all and the spotted eggs blend in well. It didn’t take long to figure out who the nest belonged to as mom and dad were squawking away nearby trying to divert my attention.


nest & Chiriuco property 001


This is the parent and there are many of them here in Patagonia. They are very loud and noisy even at night. Not one of my favorites, for sure. They hunt for insects mainly at night in flocks. I know this only to well being woken many times by the noise. I don’t know of many birds that fly at night!


Here is a 4 day old chick  taken off of wikipedia – very well camouflaged!




nest & Chiriuco property 003It is hard to spot the nest in this open field. The chicks are also good at camouflage as they can hunch down in the nest and the markings on their back make them blend in just like the eggs as seen above.

I will post updates as the chicks hatch.

Update – We stopped by about a month after we found the nest and all was gone. I think a fox must have eaten the egg or the chick 😦




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