What’s blooming in August

Puerto Octay Trees 001

So far in the first week of August, I have seen daffodils and ciruelos or plum trees. The plum tree above is in front of the hospital in Puerto Octay and the daffodils below are in the plaza in Puerto Octay.



In the second week of August, I saw these Leucojum or Giant Snowflakes. (wikipedia photo)

In the third week of August, I noticed the birches, nalca, and a few other trees have some leaf buds swelling.

Last week of August, and we have ….

beach THomas 010

Flowering Quince – above and below

beach THomas 009





the mystery bush – above and below


A daisy of some type!


All these photos were taken Frutillar Bajo


2 thoughts on “What’s blooming in August

  1. Holy huge shrub, batman. That rhododendron is impressive. This should make you happy — this post spurred me to do some research of my own. I now know more about rhododendrons than ever before. The camellia makes me smile. It was my grandmother’s favorite. The one you photographed is so lovely.

    • Great! You should plant one in your yard in memory of her!
      There are 2 kinds of camellias – one blooms in spring (japonica) and one in the fall (sasanqua).
      More research for you!

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