September weather and flowers

Sunny ….cloudy…..rainy…..windy……sunny……rainbows – always changing

Roaring in like a lion and, I hope, out like a lamb!

Very fickle weather always keeps you on your toes!

Today Thomas and I went for a walk and got caught in a downpour but by the time my older son came to rescue us, the sun was out again. Not much new on the flower front except the Notros trees are starting to bloom.


Embothrium coccineum of the Proteaceae  family. This family is found only in the southern hemisphere and it includes the trees which produce the macadamia nuts with which you may be familiar and the Protea flower.

Food & Nalca 005The long tubular flowers are perfect for the many hummingbirds which live in this area.

The nalca ( Gunnera tinctoria of the Gunneracea family) is also blooming right now and sending up lots of new growth which attracts the nalca hunters to our hidden valley. Nalca is native to the Valdivian rainforest and the locals eat the stalks. The stems are very prickly and need to be peeled to eat. They are similar in consistency to celery but much more astringent. They are eaten raw with a bit of salt and are sold at most ferias by the nalca hunters which are jokingly known as the town drunks trying to make a few pesos. It has huge leaves that can get up to 5′ across.

Food & Nalca 012


The flowers on very long stalks??????????


Notice here the unfurling leaf and the prickly stem??????????



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