October brings click beetles

First I have to share this beautiful low rainbow hanging over my neighbor’s house. Rainbows are very common here especially this time of the year with its many rain showers, clouds, sun, and wind.  Today, October 1, was our first warm spring day. Last week had lots of rain and a cold wind keeping the temperature in the 40’s and 50’s. But today it cleared off and warmed up to 70 F which brought all the click beetles out.empanadas 002



Here are my ducks going for their first swim and you can see all the beetles floating in the water. Tasty snack for the ducklings!Ducks 008



I used to love playing with these beetles as a young girl. I would flip them on their backs and watch them click to flip over. Very entertaining! Though the clicking mechanism is mainly used to scare off predators, it does come in handy when you are stuck on your back! These are members of the family Elateridae with 9300 species worldwide. The wire worm is the larval stage. They spend 3-4 years living underground and can be a pest to some crops like potatoes which are a big crop here in southern Chile. The adults are harmless herbivores and can’t bite or sting.


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