Bumblebees and October flowers

Spring is long and slow here. Remember the daffodils were blooming in August and now we have lilacs and lots of apples and cherries blooming.




lori pics 025


A small apple orchard

We also have a stand of Notro trees near the house which started blooming last month but are now in a heavy bloom of red tubular flowers that are covered with orange buzzing bumblebees.The stand of trees is just buzzing with bees. I did a little research and found out about the giant orange bumblebee which is the only native bumblebee to southern Chile. Isn’t she beautiful? These bees are supposedly being crowded out by the European Bumblebee brought into the country to help with crop pollination. But I have seen only a few of the european bumblebee while I have seen lots of the orange bumblebee.



These look just like the north american bumblebee except for his buff colored tail.

He is on an apple tree.

the buff bum bumblebee! 🙂




October flowers & bees 008


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