Patagonian Gray Fox

Also known as zorro or chilla in spanish, this fox has been a regular visitor since we have been here.  We used to feed him food scraps and sometimes he would show up with his mate but never the kits. Well, that was fun until we got the chicks and ducks and yesterday he almost helped himself to duck but all he got was a few tail feathers. Very close call!

Fox 011

So after we put the ducks and chicks up, we saw him lounging around the front yard just waiting.

Fox 019

Lycalopex griseus is a distinct species of fox different from those of North America. His range is throughout Chile and Argentina, not much in the Andes mountains but on both sides of it. He is usually under 10 lbs.  Its diet consists of small rodents, eggs, berries, and insects along with an occasional duck or chicken when he can get it! They breed in the fall (March) and after 2 months produce a litter of 2-4 kits.  This guy is not in the least shy and hangs around for free handouts.

Larger mammals are not common in Chile because of its isolation surrounded by the driest desert in the world (Atacama) in the north, the Andes on the east, the Pacific to the west, and Antarctica to the south. The only larger native mammal would be the puma or mountain lion. There supposedly is one living in our area but I have yet to see him.


One thought on “Patagonian Gray Fox

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