Los Aromos

Wow! I love this tree. I could smell it all the way across the pasture, hence the name “the aroma”. It is the first sign that spring is coming and the bright yellow masses of flowers are a feast for the eyes!


This is just one tree!

Acacia dealbata  in the legume family. There are many acacias in the USA and they go by the name of mimosa. This variety is originally from SE Australia and has been naturalized here in Chile.

It is an evergreen with bipinnate leaves which make the them fern like.


The racemes of flowers have older flowers at the base and neweer buds at the tips. The flowers look like round puff balls and can be used for yellow dye or cooked and eaten.

The fruits are flattened pods like beans.

The tree can grow up to 30 meters high and only lives 30-40 years. The wood is highly valued for making furniture. It is a lovely honey color with nice patterns of knots and stripes. We used this wood locally grown and milled for the floor in our cabin.