Chilean Swallows

One of my favorite birds! I have fond memories of swallows from childhood. Watching them nest in my grandparents barn and  their antics diving and wheeling through the air catching insects. This chilean cousin of the ones I knew growing up in Connecticut is just as entertaining.

These pictures are taken from with permission.

In Chile, these birds are migratory leaving the Los Lagos region in May and returning in September. I guess they head north to warmer climates in Brazil. They build nests of straw, feathers, and wool for warmth. Both parents incubate and feed the young. They are highly aerial acrobats foraging insects on the wing. It takes a lot of gnats to feed all those youngins’.

And they love to play! I have seen swallows take a little white feather and drop it in mid air and fly around and catch it often playing this game by themselves or with others. They have long pointed wings and are very streamlined. Chilean swallows have a white rump above the tail for easier identification.


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