Southern Beech


Nothofagus obliqua is the predominant tree here – like oaks or maples. It is called the southern beech but is not in the beech family. It’s leaves resemble a beech leaf hence the name. In spanish, the young trees are called coiyhue and the mature are called pellin (pay – yeen). A mature tree can reach up to 50 meters or 175 feet tall with a diameter of 2 meters or 6.5 feet. The wood is very hard and a reddish color and is used in construction. These deciduous trees have alternate leaves and separate male and female flowers. The flowers are inconspicuous and covered by green bracts.

2015-10-27 13.13.03


5 thoughts on “Southern Beech

  1. 6.5 feet diameter…??! Wow. Deciduous? What colors do the leaves turn in Autumn? Curious…
    I can’t see the flowers at all — definitely inconspicuous, if they are there when this pic was taken. =)

    • Sadly, they don’t really turn colors much like in the eastern US. maybe just a bit of yellow.
      I think there are some flowers there but the zoom on my camera does not work well.

      • Do you see any evidence of leaves season change from Summer to Winter? I love Autumn…was wondering if you still get to see that. Hope you guys are doing well. We are plugging away.

      • Well, there are a few trees that color up in the autumn but it mostly stays green here year round. I miss New England autumn! And what makes it harder is that Easter is in autumn. it just doesn’t work well this way!

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