Some of Chile’s most unique birds- The Tapaculos

The black throated Huet Huet (pronounced wet wet)  is indigenous to southern Chile and Argentina. His call sounds just like his name. You can often find him scratching around the forest floor like a chicken  looking for worms, seeds, and insects.

And this is his cousin the Chucao

This is a little bird with a big voice and can be heard all over the area with his distinctive call. His tail should be sticking up, that is the normal posture for a chucao. I guess this guy is feeling a bit droopy today. BTW, both these photos have been borrowed with permission from Arthur travels around the world taking pictures of birds and he does a great job because it is difficult to take pictures of wild animals.

Both of these birds are poor flyers and spend most of their time on the ground skulking in bamboo thickets. They nest in holes in trees or burrows in the ground. They seem to be territorial and aggressive towards intruders and a male won’t cross into another’s territory to find his lady love or so a ranger had told us.  Which reminds me of a story we heard from this ranger at the park office & museum at Aguas Calientes at Puyehue.  This is a one of those funny sayings told by the campesinos or country folk.

If you walk out of your house in the morning and hear the chucao call on your right, it’s going to be a good day but if you hear him call on your left, go back in and go to bed.