Screens on windows is not typical in my part of Chile and the insect problems are not usually high except when the termites are swarming for a few days in January so I usually leave my windows wide open to catch the fragrant night air coming out of my forest. Occasionally, I get a few visitors. This last time I think I had 4 bats winging around the house. I think they all made it out safely because I did not see any in the morning.  🙂

The predominant bat in the Los Lagos region is the Chilean mouse-eared myotis.

This picture was borrowed from Wikipedia & Tobusaru

Myotis chiloensis.jpg

The bats live in tree holes, rock crevices, caves, and under the siding in my cabin. They are smallish around 3 inches +/- from head to tail and weigh only around 1/4 of an ounce. Their fur color varies from light to brownish to black. They feed on flies at night and drink from water surfaces while in flight. They are the most southern living bat and their range extends from Coquimbo south to Tierra del Fuego.

And just for the record … Chile does have vampire bats but they are found only in the northern half of the country.

Here is an article on the bat plague currently in progress and I believe it!